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TeknoConvey is best producer of  valve bag fillers in Turkey. Its wide range of valve bag fillers covers several industries, chemicals, minerals, primarily and foods. TeknoConvey has years of experience in the manufacturing of innovative valve bag fillers. This unique expertise makes TeknoConvey  the supplier of choice for your needs in open mouth bag fillers, air valve bag packers, auger valve bag fillers and impeller valve bag filling machine. Several types of auxiliary equipment are also available, including low and high end valve bag applicators  placers, robotic bag handling systems for valve bags, and ultrasonic sealers and bag closers, primarily for the food, chemical and mineral industries.

TeknoConvey  manufactures automatic packaging machines that bag all types of products with innovative solutions. TeknoConvey is the ideal partner for solving all your packaging problems.

TekConvey offers complete technical solutions for the packaging of solid materials, liquids and powder.  High performance net weight scales: gravity, belt, auger or vibratory pan, fed,  valve and open mouth bagging machine, Net and gross weight Big Bag filling station, accessories and conditioning conveyors;

TeknoConvey Bagged products;

  • Building material: premixed, sand, gravel, quartz granulate, clay for ceramic, putty lime, dry mortar, expanded clay, marble granules, bitumen, red clay, etc.
  • Alimentary: rice, bean, etc.
  • Pet food
  • Not carbonated liquids; water, milk, cream, fruit juice, scent esence
  • Plastic resin: PE, PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, ABS, HIPS, PC, PBT, PS, PET, PA, PVC, PMMA, master-batch, compound, etc.
  • Chemical fertilizer: UREA, NPK, ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3), potassium nitrate (KNO3), potassium sulphate (K2SO4), potassium phosphate (K3PO4), etc.
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Chemical product: epoxy resin, caprolactame (C6H11NO), caustic soda(NaOH), oxalic acid (COOH)2, phthalic anhydride (C8H4O3), ammonium chloride (NH4Cl), etc.
  • Wooden pellet
  • Industrial and alimentary salt

Auger Type Valve Bag Filler ( Screw Type Valve Bag Packing Machine)


The auger valve vag fillerin machine provides high speed delivery of product into bags, with best weight control and easy operation.  The auger is designed to provide minimum aeration of product with consistent product flow and clean operation.  Also included  an agitator assists in feeding of poor flowing products. This packer is ideal for low height area installations thanks to its compact design.  Its positive bag opening feature permits use of minimum bag size and improves accuracy.  The auger reverses at product filling cutoff to clear product from the filling tube, thats prevents product dribbling when the filled bag is discharged. 


Empty valve bag is simply placed on filling tube and the auto start signal is actuated. Filling, weighing and cut-off at weight are fully automatic. TeknoConvey screw type valve bag filling machines are fast, reliable and accurate!

Technical specifications of valve bag filler machines

  • Heavy Duty Rugged Tubular Welded Frame. 
  • Best filling tube design for high weight accuracy. 
  • Designed to be used with the electronic weight controllers.
  • Production rate up to 4 bag per minute
  • Product applications: paint pigments, carbon black, chemicals, minerals, bakery mixes, etc.
  • V hopper for free flowing products
  • Sealed proximity switch for cut-off weight sensing
  • Various auger rpm is available, including 900 and 1500 rpm
  • Available stainless steel contact surfaces
  • Bulk and dribble Filling
  • Cone shaped valve sealer on filling tube
  • Hopper with ribbon agitator and rotary paddles
  • Motors and electrical enclosures for ATEX or hazardous environments
  • Inspection door with interlock switch
  • Pneumatically actuated bag clamp
  • Automatic start
  • Powered bag discharge

This equipment is adapted for; Food,  flour, spices, feed, feed ingredients, fish feed, minerals,  coal,  talc, forestry,  wood flour, chemicals, extra fine chemicals, pigments, polymers resins and carbon black


Ultrasonic Bag Sealer


TeknoConvey Ultrasonic valve bag sealer effectively closes the bag’s valve before it is moved from its original filling position. This bag closer ensures a highly sanitary operation while handling dusty products. Innovative design utilizes an blowing filling tube collar, swirl air blast tube clean out, in addition to an ultrasonic sealer. A positive closure is obtained even through heavily contaminated valves. To fill  close bags cleanly, dust collection is active throughout the entire cycle.  The dust puff released by filled bags when discharged onto the conveyor is completely eliminated by the sealed valve. Its simple design minimizes wearing parts.

Valve bag ultrasonic sealer converts high frequency mechanical sound waves on a thermoplastic material into frictional heat creating a positive seal on applicable valve bags. Ultrasonic seal has been specifically designed to work with valve bagging equipment and incorporates the latest ultrasonic sealing technology.

  • Up to 3 bag per minute sealing rate depending on product
  • Compatible with both plastic and paper valve sealable bags
  • Seal prevents valve leakage or moisture intrusion
  • Hermetic seals without excessive heat degradation to product
  • Rigid mount sealer at fill spout decreases bag movement while maintaining bag shape


Impeller Type Valve Bag Filling Machine


Impeller valve bag filler  is rugged and cost effective equipment designed to handle powdered products ranging in particle size from under microns to 200 microns.  Fine powders are constantly and positively impeller fed which ensures smooth performance and tightly filled bags. This impeller packer is designed for maximum efficiency by entraining less air, which results in faster filling rates and smaller sized bags.


  • Heavy duty rugged tubular  welded frame
  • Designed to be used with the electronic weight controllers.
  • Angle Welded Frame. 
  • Product applications: sulfur dust, rock finely divided inorganic solids like cement, clay, gypsum, lime, talc, products ranging in size from microns to minus 100 mesh.
  • Low maintenance design: easy side access to impeller and housing liner
  • Economical cost-effective design
  • Effective product flow path: side screws channel product to impeller
  • Small footprint: multiple machines can be banked together under one bin
  • One person can operate up to three side by side packers
  • Choice of left or right hand models and multiple configurations allowing installation in tight spaces
  • Electronic Weight Controller
  • Variable frequency drive   allows tuning of the machine for optimal performance with different products
  • Automatic start, powered bag discharge
  • Bag de-aerating delay
  • Product supply column
  • Blowing filling tube cleanout product on scale is moved to the bag for best accuracy and cleanest operation
  • Inflatable sealer closes off the gap between the filling tube and the bag’s valve to minimize dusting during fill

This equipment is adapted for;  gypsum, calcite, minerals, cement, clay, coal, limestone, talc, other minerals, forestry, wood flour, other wood products

Air Packer Valve Bag Fillers / Pneumatic Type Valve Bag Filling


Pneumatic type valve bag fillers offers both excellent weight accuracy and simple operation.  These air  type valve bag packers are designed to fill and weigh fine powders, flakes, pellets, and granules with a particle size of 3/8” or smaller.  The filling and weighing system is fully integrated into a single machine and under a single interface. Air type valve bag packer models can have ultrasonic valve sealing system fully integrated.  Multiple units may be banked together under a single hopper to provide higher production rates.

  • Ledges are greatly minimized to prevent product dust build up. Plumbing and wiring is internally routed and protected by the sleek steel framework. 
  • Designed to be used with the electronic weight controllers
  • Ultrasonic sealer is rigidly mounted to packer frame; bags are not moved until after they are sealed, Ultrasonic seal filling, weighing, and sealing system is fully integrated into a single machine and under a single interface.
  • Product applications: Wide variety of chemicals, minerals, and food products such as concrete mixes, gypsum, resins, phosphates, carbon black, flour, starch, powdered sugar, dextrose, conctruction chemicals, salt and etc.
  • Inflatable Sealer: closes off the gap between the filling tube and the bag’s valve to minimize dusting during fill.
  • Easy changeover: quick drop bottom for clean out between runs
  • Small footprint: multiple machines can be banked together under one bin
  • Low maintenance: no moving parts in the product’s path
  • Electronic Weight Controller
  • Atmospheric configuration for lowest machine cost
  • Plug stack configuration for handling granular or pellet products. Works well with abrasive products like sand.
  • Stainless steel product contact parts available
  • Low pressure air fluidizes the product causing it to flow freely and more uniformly which results in greater accuracy
  • Swirl Filling Tube Cleanout – product on scale is moved to the bag for best accuracy and cleanest operation
  • Inflatable Sealer – closes off the gap between the filling tube and the bag’s valve to minimize dusting during fill
  • Metal detector mounted around gum rubber filling tube behind fill spout

This equipment is adapted for; food, flour, spices, sugar, other food, feed, feed ingredients, fish feed, minerals, cement, clay, coal, concrete mixes, crushed stones, fly ash, litter, salt, sand, talc, other minerals, forestry, wood flour, chemicals, extra fine chemicals, fertilizers, plastic pellets, pigments, polymers and resins, other chemicals, carbon black and etc…


Open Mouth Bag Filling Machine 


Thanks to the expertise acquired through the years, TeknoConvey  is one of the important manufacturers of open mouth filling and bacgging machines in the world for bags of 5to 100 kg and heavier. TeknoConvey' open-mouth bagging machines are extremely versatile, which allows you to bag several kinds of products such as powders and granular materials (food, feed, seed, minerals, chemicals, etc.). They can also handle several kinds of open mouth bags, including paper bags, polywoven bags, polyethylene bags, etc.

Open Mouth Bagger

The open mouth bagging machine is a compact fully automatic packaging system. Its design permits the bagging of powders and granules into pre formed open mouth bags.

The machine is specially studied to facilitate an easy cleaning.  

The bag spout is featured to allow its simple and quick change with regard to the different bag sizes.

The integrated operator panel of ultimate generation permits an easy and friendly acknowledge of the process configuration and diagnostics.

  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Simple and through machine cleaning
  • Wide machine access to carry out quick and effective cleaning.
  • Machine designed specially for hygienic bagging and packaging operations.
  • Efficient bagging for low and middle production rates.
  • Fast changeover to handle different bag dimensions.
  • The machine is suitable for all common types of open mouth bags including gusseted and pinch bottom from 5 to 50 kg.
  • System to catch the dust while filling, filter excluded.
  • Machine working in Gross or Net weight mode.
  • Continuous bag transfer from bag pick up to bag closing avoids product contamination.
  • Reduced installation costs thanks to the integrated PLC controller.
  • Simple system operation with user-friendly operator panel


The optimized design and simple clean down procedures makes the TeknoConvey open mouth bagger ideal for the feed and food industries. The system flexibility and the performance of the machine allow to be integrated in other industrial sectors..

As option the machine can be implemented of :

De-aeration system

 Special possing device to optimize the filling.

 Standard bag marking system for empty or filled bags

 Standard bag closing devices

Bagging machine available with different feeding systems: gravity, belt, auger, etc.. both for "Net weight" and "Gross weight".

Machines are composed of: . Bag mouth unit complete with electro pneumatic jaws, or inflatable jaws and photocells. Photocell for bag detection, assembled on the bag mouth unit, actuated by operator during bag insertion.

Net weight system open mouth bag filling is composed of:

  • Feeding hopper with level probe
  • Net weight scale (gravity, belt..)
  • Supporting structure and easy access to  the scale
  • Discharging hopper
  • Feeding mouth assembled on discharging hopper integrated closing hooks sensor

Gross weight system open mouth bag filling is composed of:

Feeding hopper with level probe

Feeding system (gravity, belt..)

Shutter assembled under the discharging hopper for intercepting flowing product.

Feeding mouth assembled on load cells integrated closing hooks sensor

The system is mounted on a solid structure designed to have large working spaces


Big Bag Filling Machine


 The design office TeknoConvey has developed a complete range of big bag (FIBC, super sack, jumbo bag, bulk bag) filling stations to meet the needs of different powder handling industries.

Big Bag Filling machines  integrates all the necessary options for efficient packaging: containment inflating seal, height adjustable structure via a controlled hydraulic cylinder, big bag pre forming fan,  weighing system of the big bags,  optional vibrating table for densification.. The whole structure is adjustable and enables to fill bulk bags or octabin of different heights. The filling head is designed double envelope to ensure the balancing of volumes and thus avoid emanation of dust in the atmosphere. The tension actuator and fan can give the big bag an optimal shape.

TeknoConvey  standard versions are available with short delivery times.

Filling head: the filling head is double envelop designed and allows the balancing of the volumes. The air charged is discharged via the degassing line which can be connected to the dedusting network.

Inflating seal: the connecting inflating seal ensures complete sealing of the big bag during its filling.

At the beginnig of the cycle, the filling starts with the big bag in a high position to be then laid on a pallet as soon as the load reaches 200 kg. This design enables perfect filling of the big bag and stability to guarantee safe handling without any risk of tipping.

Shaping of the big bag: the fan, fitted on the main structure, ensures the shaping of the super sack.

It facilitates the filling of big bags fitted with an inner liner.

Integrated dosing / weighing on fibc filling unit: we incorporate load cells and operator interface for packaging big bags in a very precise way. Our bagging systems ensure you commercial weighing. Protected integration of the load cells warrants to you excellent lifetime of the equipment.


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