Dense phase conveying is  the most reliable, efficient method for handling a outstandingly wide range of dry bulk solids.

By definition, dense phase conveying simply means using a small amount of air to move a large amount of bulk solid material  through a conveying line.

Unlike “dilute phase” pneumatic systems that typically use larger amounts of air to move relatively small amounts of material at high velocities in suspension, dense phase offers the enormous advantage of efficiently “pushing” a much denser concentration of bulk solids at relatively low velocities through a conveying line.

The result: gentle handling of heavy abrasive materials and non-abrasive solids that cannot tolerate degradation. For many fragile crystalline and granular materials there is no finer process.

dense phase conveying
dense phase conveying

Typical materials conveyed by dense phase conveying are: flour, fluor spar, fly ash, foundry molding sand, glass batch, glass beads, alumina, aluminum oxide, , kaolin clay, kyanite, lime, litharge, magnesium, milk powder, baby formula, ball clay, barite, ground meal, gypsum, iron oxide, bauxite, bentonite, borax, calcium carbonate, calcium chloride, carbon black (pelletized), cement, coffee beans (roasted), cullet, detergent (agglomerated), feldspar, fine coal,  peanuts, PVC resin, quartz, roofing granules, salt, silica sand, soda ash, , sulfur, sugar (crystal), talc, titanium dioxide, sodium sulfate, steel chips and more.

Highly abrasive products and those subject to degradation move best through a high-pressure, low-velocity conveying system. On long distance, high-rate applications, a high-pressure, low-velocity system can offer energy cost savings. Dense Phase System is such a system  unlike dilute phase systems, there is not an airlock feeder for introduction into the line.

Dense phase systems use a pressure vessel or transmitter. While airlocks are normally limited to a pressure differential of only 15 psig, dense phase transmitters have no pressure limitation. With their high-pressure capability, dense phase systems allow for higher rates and lower velocities in the same line size. Slugs of product can be “pushed” through while dilute phase suspends all product in the airstream. Dense phase system could be your best choice—particularly if you are dealing with abrasive products or products that degrade.Dense phase conveying designs and manufactures  dense phase systems. We will help you select the best system for your application

In the better dense phase conveying regime, the air velocity is set just below the material’s jumping velocity. Material is conveyed as a bed of product that runs along the bottom of the convey line. The good dense phase velocity range is between 1,500 to 4,800 feet per minute. The velocity selected is based on the physical characteristics of the material, capacity, conveying distances and line size.

In the low velocity dense phase regime, the material nearly fills the convey line and is extruded through the conveying pipe. In longer distance systems, the material in the convey line forms dunes as it moves down the line. These systems have very low average conveying velocities. Yo can set the material velocity as low as 25 feet per minute or up to 1,000 feet per minute.

Dense phase pneumatic conveying bulk materials irrespective of whether  how abrasive, fragile or difficult to handle, TeknoConvey, Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying systems are state of the art and approved worldwide throughout so many industrial applications.

Dense phase pneumatic conveying is the best for transporting a wide range of fine or coarse materials and uses positive pressure to push material along a pipeline in a plug form at low velocities.  This results in significantly reduced pipe and component wear supportting minimum operational expenditure and extended life expectancy.  For end users and plant operators Dense-phase material conveying system is a preferred choice due to the low energy consumption, reliability and minimal operational expenditure.

Lower capital costs are achieved by using smaller diameter pipes due to the higher air pressure and concentrations of material in the pipeline.  Further benefits of higher pressure are the longer, single stage conveying distances of up to 1000m with transfer rates in excess of 100 tonnes per hour.

Application of Dense phase material conveying is never black and white and requires vast knowledge of the materials to be handled and their key characteristics such as particle size, shape, bulk density and chemical composition

Optional Pneumatic Conveying System Equipments

  • Dense, medium and lean-phase combinations we can
  • Valve monitoring back to PLC
  • PLC system with SCADA compatibility
  • Non-stick valve coating for sticky materials
  • High temperature valves up to 450°C

Pneumatic material handling:

Dense-phase pneumatic cmaterial handling  is suited to virtually any industry where an application requires a fine or granular material to be transported from point A to Z.  Typical materials conveyed using this technique are ash, limestone, granular coal, cement, sand, gypsum and many more.

TeknoConvey is a total solutions provider and as such take-on the responsibility for choosing the correct pneumatic transport system solution.

Not all applications are economically suited to Dense-phase pneumatic conveying design and in these cases TeknoConvey  application engineers will advise where alternative solutions are more available.

It is possible to design a multi-outlet pneumatic conveying system using all three main types of pneumatic conveying including Dense, Medium and Lean-phase system to achieve the most economical and efficient solution.

We have experience based upon so many of pneumatic conveying installations,  our material handling systems have been used in many diverse industries and used with dry bulk materials of all types.  If it is a bulk material, there is a good chance our systems have conveyed it.

From ash to biomass and chemicals to general materials, we have the expertise required to provide the ideal system for any scenario icluded bulk bag unloader and bulk bag unloading system.

Our reputation is attributed to our high standards in everything that we do, from paying detailed attention to our customers needs to efficient and reliable pneumatic comveying designs, high quality products, and remarkable customer service.


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